Las Vegas

Life of Luxury

The Tech Lab took a trip to Las Vegas to meet with the executive management team and visionaries behind Tacos & Chaps as the Lounge and Restaurant was being built. What we learned was super exciting to say the least. The most upscale lounge in Las Vegas history, the largest client base and support team ever built, and a Casino design that brought back retro Las Vegas in a modern and ultra-cool way.

The Tech Lab team conducted extensive research and studied the design plans of Palms Casino and decided to bring the Restaurant to life with 3D modeling and animation that depicted the vision of the completed lounge. The branding team wrote catchy copy to grab eyeballs and create excitement for what’s to come. The developers worked closely with the hotels booking system staff for a seamless integration into the Website. Tech Lab developers created a custom feel that complimented the Web application system for T.C customers to book or attend an event.

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