Discovery Kids

Launching a new way to learn

Kids engage and become fluent in technology faster than ever before. We partnered with Discovery to create an app accessible to children at early stages of their learning journey, that evolves to fuel a child’s curiosity over time.

Within this framework, Discovery’s catalog of educational, inspiring, and fun kid’s content provided an amazing foundation for us to build upon. As we observed children interacting with prototypes, we found that there were opportunities to jump from moments of passive watching into deeper interaction and learning with games and activities.

This “watch and play” experience was a hit with our testers, and created further opportunities for parents to become active participants in their children’s entertainment and learning as well.

One of Discovery’s main goals for the DKids platform was to create an experience accessible to children around the world. This meant that the design decisions and technology approach would need to work in many languages and across a wide variety of devices, while respecting data speed and usage in areas where both are valuable commodities.

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